Bottle Pop

"Bottle Pop" is a song by American girl group the The Pussycat Dolls from their second album, Doll Domination (2008). Written by Fernando Garibay, Nicole Scherzinger and Sean Garrett who also produced it, was released as the fourth single in Oceania and Germany. Snoop Dogg is featured only in the album's version while upon its release comes without his contribution. Musically the song features sexual innuendo, funky electronica and is backed by electro beats.

Critical reception of "Bottle Pop" was mixed, as some reviewers criticized Snoop Dogg's appearance describing it as sleepwalking guest parts, while others called it the best track from Doll Domination. The song managed to peak at number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play, while it peaked at number seventeen in Australia and New Zealand. In Belgium it peaked at number nine.

The accompanying music video for the single was by Thomas Kloss. In the video, The Dolls are seen dancing in a theater wearing sexy, space-age, metallic and colorful outfits and towards the end, they are joined by several male backing dancers. Critics complimented the colorful outfits. The song was performed on the Doll's Doll Domination Tour and on the annual Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest performing the same routine.

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