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List Of Doctor Who Villains - B - BOSS
... BOSS from Biomorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor, was a supercomputer that appeared in The Green Death (1973) ... BOSS planned to interface with all computers on Earth and enslave humanity ... Stevens, a human brainwashed by BOSS, sacrificed himself when his mental programming was partially broken by the Third Doctor, blowing up himself and the computer as the Doctor escaped ...
Boss - Other Uses
... Boss, Missouri Boss (architecture), a protruding stone, often decoratively carved The hub of a propeller The Boss (roller coaster), a wooden roller coaster at Six Flags St ... Louis Shield boss, the domed metal centre to a shield A series of modified Ford engines used for NASCAR racing, including Ford Boss 302 engine Boss 351 Boss ...
Dragon Buster - Gameplay - Levels
... more of a type of monster than the others, for example The Boneyard boasts lots of the boss Skeleton ... and lots of forks and ways to go, you will most likely end up defeating every boss in the level before you find the boss that contains the exit ...
Face To Face (play) - Characters
... GLEN TRAGASKIS Described as in his mid twenties, he assaulted his boss after being fired, although it is not described it is clear that he is mentally handicapped in some way ... It was shortly after this that Glen's boss Greg fired him and then Glen rams into the back of his boss’s Mercedes in a fit of anger at being sacked ... she is discovered to have had an affair with Glen's boss Greg ...
Jackie D'Amico
... (born 1937) is a New York mobster who served as street boss of the Gambino crime family from 2005 to 2011 ... "Street boss" had been the family's number one position ever since official Boss Peter Gotti started serving a life sentence in prison ...

Famous quotes containing the word boss:

    When you overpay small people you frighten them. They know that their merits or activities entitle them to no such sums as they are receiving. As a result their boss soars out of economic into magic significance. He becomes a source of blessings rather than wages. Criticism is sacrilege, doubt is heresy.
    Ben Hecht (1893–1964)

    When the boss isn’t strict, the workers aren’t busy.
    Chinese proverb.