Borneo Tallow Nut Oil

Borneo tallow nut oil is extracted from the fruit of species of genus Shorea, which is native to Sarawak, Borneo, Java, Malaya and the Philippines. The oil is extracted from the egg-shaped, winged fruit using traditional methods in rural areas. The nuts, once extracted from the shell, are placed in a rattan bag, which is placed between two hardwood boards, and then pressed by driving in wedges. The oil is composed of the following fatty acids:

Fatty acid Percentage
Palmitic acid 18.0%
Stearic acid 43.3%
Arachidic acid 1.1%
Oleic acid 37.4%
Linoleic acid 0.2%

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    Courage, determination, and hard work are all very nice, but not so nice as an oil well in the back yard.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    In a good play every speech should be as fully flavoured as a nut or apple.
    —J.M. (John Millington)

    the young men who watch us from the curbs:
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    Allen Tate (1899–1979)