Blue Network

The Blue Network, and its immediate predecessor, the NBC Blue Network, were the on-air names of an American radio production and distribution service from 1927 to 1945. Tracing its formal origins back to 1927 as one of the two radio networks owned by the National Broadcasting Company, the Blue Network was born of a divestiture in 1942, arising from anti-trust litigation, and is the direct predecessor of the American Broadcasting Company.

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Ben Bernie - Radio
... heard on radio as early as 1923, broadcasting on WJZ and the NBC Blue Network in 1930-31, sponsored by Mennen ... On the Blue Network from 1935 to 1937, Bernie's sponsor was the American Can Company ... From 1940-41, Bromo-Seltzer was his sponsor on the Blue Network ...
Blue Network Stations
... As noted above, during the 1930s and 1940s, the Blue Network was divided into groups of stations ... The core group of stations was known as "Basic Blue", and covered the Northeast United States/New England and portions of the Upper Midwest, around the Great Lakes area ... The Southern Blue Network covered the Deep South, the Mountain Blue Group the Mountain states, the Pacific Coast Blue Network the Pacific Coast states, and the Southwestern Blue Group the Oklahoma-Texas region ...
American Broadcasting System
... Noble to purchase the assets of the Blue Network, a radio network that was being divested by the National Broadcasting Company under pressure from anti-trust regulators ... Noble reached a deal with RCA, the parent of NBC, to purchase the Blue Network for $8 million ... in effect took over the network ...
KFI - History
... National Broadcasting Company (NBC) operated two networks, The Red Network, and The Blue Network ... The Red Network carried the commercial programs, while the Blue Network carried the sustaining ones (those without commercial sponsors) ... The red and blue designations coming from the colors of the U.S ...
America's Town Meeting Of The Air - Decline
... Some were the result of changes at NBC - the network that had been called the NBC Blue Network was sold in 1943, and it first became known as the "Blue Network ... and promotions for "Town Meeting," however, would still refer to the show as "a Blue Network program" or originating on "ABC's Blue Network" as late as ...

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