Bloodaxe can refer to:

  • Eric Bloodaxe, a Viking king
  • Erik Bloodaxe (hacker), an alias of American computer hacker Chris Goggans
  • Bloodaxe Books, a publisher
  • Bloodaxe (comics), a Marvel Comics anti-hero
  • Bloodaxe (band), a Viking metal band

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Gwyneth Lewis - Bibliography
... a Cherddi Eraill - Gomer, 1990 Parables and Faxes - Bloodaxe, 1995 Cyfrif Un Ac Un yn Dri - Barddas, 1996 Zero Gravity - Bloodaxe, 1998 inspired by her astronaut cousin's voyage to repair the ...
Stewart Conn - Poetry Includes
... " in poetry" article 1987 In the Kibble Palace Bloodaxe Books 1999 Stolen Light Selected Poems Bloodaxe Books 2005 Ghosts at Cockcrow Bloodaxe Books 2010 The Breakfast Room Bloodaxe Books ...
Bloodaxe Books - History
... honorary D.Litt by Newcastle University in 1995 for his work with Bloodaxe Books ... As well as publishing famous names in literature from all over the world, Bloodaxe has discovered and helped establish the reputations of many of Britain’s most promising new writers ... The Bloodaxe list has more women poets than any other British publisher and the most substantial list of Caribbean and Black British poets ...
Bloodaxe (comics)
... Bloodaxe (Jackie Lukus) is a fictional character, owned by Marvel Comics who exists in that company's Marvel Universe as a foe of Thor and Thunderstrike ... Bloodaxe's identity was initially a mystery all early panels of the character's alter ego were depicted as being concealed by shadow or as a silhouette ... Due to the sheer muscular mass of Bloodaxe (a direct result of the Asgardian magic within the axe), it was also impossible to determine whether the mortal alias was even male or female ...