• (adj): Completely obstructed or closed off.
    Example: "The storm was responsible for many blocked roads and bridges"
    Synonyms: plugged
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Sigprocmask (Unix)
... call used to change or examine the list of currently blocked signals ... Blocked signals are not delivered to the process until unblocked ... Signals that cannot be ignored (SIGKILL and SIGSTOP) cannot be blocked ...
Scottish Gaelic Phonology - Consonants - Lenition and Spelling
... Lenition may be blocked when homorganic consonants (i.e ... For example, blocked lenition in the surname Caimbeul ('Campbell') (vs Camshron 'Cameron') is an incident of fossilised blocked lenition blocked lenition in air an ...
Primary Process States - Blocked
... A process that is blocked on some event (such as I/O operation completion or a signal) ... A process may be blocked due to various reasons such as when a particular process has exhausted the CPU time allocated to it or it is waiting for an event to occur ...
Censorship In Italy - List of Censored Films - Italian Republic Era
... Bernardo Bertolucci, Last Tango in Paris (drama movie, 1973 – France/Italy), blocked by censorship until 1987 ... Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (drama movie, 1975 – Italy), blocked by censorship until 1977 ... Cannibal Holocaust (horror movie, 1979 – Italy), blocked by censorship until 1984, later restricted to 18 years or older and therefore blocked on Italian television ...
... the Lacrimal punctum (puncta lacrimalia) gets blocked in one or both the eyes ... production (as a result of emotion, irritation or dryness) or if the drainage system is blocked ... problem among elderly people as the tear ducts narrow or get blocked easily ...

More definitions of "blocked":

  • (adj): Closed to traffic.
    Example: "The repaving results in many blocked streets"
    Synonyms: out of use

Famous quotes containing the word blocked:

    Now, honestly: if a large group of ... demonstrators blocked the entrances to St. Patrick’s Cathedral every Sunday for years, making it impossible for worshipers to get inside the church without someone escorting them through screaming crowds, wouldn’t some judge rule that those protesters could keep protesting, but behind police lines and out of the doorways?
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1953)

    A blocked path also offers guidance.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    And then—a Day as huge
    As Yesterdays in pairs,
    Unrolled its horror in my face—
    Until it blocked my eyes—
    Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)