Blackville, New Brunswick - Dungarvon Whooper

Dungarvon Whooper

The Dungarvon Whooper is a tale told all throughout New Brunswick, which occurred along the Dungarvon River, which runs near Blackville, along with the Bartholomew River. The tale is a terrifying one, involving a young man working as a cook in a lumber camp who was murdered. According to the tale, the man's ghost makes a loud whooping and yelling noise each night in the forest where he was murdered. Any young person from Blackville, or the surrounding area is likely to have been told the story, either to simply scare them or perhaps to scare them away from going deep into the dense forests that surround Blackville, for their own safety.

The old passenger express steam train that ran from the Southwest Miramichi Valley to the area now known as the city of Miramichi was called the "Dungarvon Whooper," in honour of the legend. A wood carving of the Dungarvon Whooper was erected in the Blackville Municipal Park in 2007.

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