Black Holes in Fiction

Black Holes In Fiction

The study of black holes, gravitational sources so massive that even light cannot escape from them, goes back to the late 18th century. Major advances in understanding were made throughout the first half of the 20th century, with contributions from many prominent mathematical physicists, though the term black hole was only coined in 1964. With the development of general relativity other properties related to these entities came to be understood, and their features have been included in many notable works of fiction.

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    ... fiction never exceeds the reach of the writer’s courage.
    Dorothy Allison (b. 1949)

    This will be a black baby born in Mississippi, and thus where ever he is born he will be in prison ... If I go to jail now it may help hasten that day when my child and all children will be free.
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    The danger lies in forgetting what we had. The flow between generations becomes a trickle, grandchildren tape-recording grandparents’ memories on special occasions perhaps—no casual storytelling jogged by daily life, there being no shared daily life what with migrations, exiles, diasporas, rendings, the search for work. Or there is a shared daily life riddled with holes of silence.
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