Black Doom

Black Doom may refer to:

  • Black Doom, a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog games
  • Black doom, also known as blackened doom, a style of heavy metal that combines elements of black metal and doom metal

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Podcast: 2P START! Live!
... Black Doom Award - Where they give an award to a company or individual who made a "terrible choice related to video games" ... The segment is named after Black Doom, the antagonist of the Shadow the Hedgehog video game and (in Ray's opinion) the worst character created by Sonic Team ... for the dreaded Black Doom Award ...
Shadow The Hedgehog (video Game Features) - Story - Plot
... The game begins with Shadow reminiscing outside the city of Westopolis when the Black Arms drop out of the sky and invade it ... Doom's Eye approaches Shadow, and Black Doom tells Shadow of an old agreement for Shadow to bring him the Chaos Emeralds ... Stunned that Black Doom knew his name, Shadow realizes that he must find the Chaos Emeralds to learn his past ...
Factors That Can Influence Replay Value - Alternate Paths
... to kill all the humans in Dark, kill all the black aliens in Hero or to grab the Chaos Emerald for himself in Neutral), and depending on what Shadow does, this will affect the next stage played and the storyline ... range from Shadow destroying Earth, Shadow serving and protecting Black Doom, Shadow killing Doctor Eggman to take over his empire, Shadow accepting he was destructive through his ... endings are unlocked, a true/canonical ending is played showing Shadow killing Black Doom and destroying the Black Comet and putting his past behind him ...
Immortality In Fiction - Other Versions
... Sonic the Hedgehog series are immortal including Shadow the Hedgehog, Chaos and Black Doom ... However, neither Black Doom or Shadow are invincible ... It is implied that Shadow destroyed Black Doom in Shadow the Hedgehog (which would make Black Doom Biologically Immortal), and Shadow himself was almost killed in ...

Famous quotes containing the words doom and/or black:

    My doom and my strength is to be solitary.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I thought when I was a young man that I would conquer the world with truth. I thought I would lead an army greater than Alexander ever dreamed of. Not to conquer nations, but to liberate mankind. With truth. With the golden sound of the Word. But only a few of them heard. Only a few of you understood. The rest of you put on black and sat in chapel.
    Philip Dunne (1908–1992)