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Meanwhile, as Hydraxon tries to destroy the Ignika, the mask is knocked out of the way by Hahli, and Mantax quickly grabs it. After the Toa Mahri reunite with Hahli, they learn from Matoro that they need to destroy the stone cord linking Voya Nui and Mahri Nui and save the Matoran of both islands from the resulting crash. To do so, they travel back up through the cord and hide the Matoran of Voya Nui and Mahri Nui. However, they deal with the Piraka (now mutated into snake-like forms), before being saved by Axonn, who hides the Matoran in caverns on Voya Nui. Before the Toa Mahri leave, Axonn provides them with a living vehicle, the Toa Terrain Crawler, to take them back to Mahri Nui. In time for the battle, Jaller burns Mantax severely, causing him to drop the mask for the Toa to retrieve it when Hydraxon interferes. Hewkii confronts and fights Gadunka, and quickly defeats him by sending volts of electricity into him. Matoro Mahri soon finds Maxilos and freezes him, but is soon set free due to a blast of fire from Jaller that missed Hydraxon. Maxilos and Spinax, now a team, fights Hydraxon, while the Toa get ready to destroy the cord. Before they can, however, Gadunka returns with new allies. The 300-foot (91 m) eel, and the monster Kongu summoned. After a 40 second battle with them, they destroy the cord, bringing Voya Nui crashing down onto Mahri Nui, just as the Barraki come. Matoro feels the mask being pulled in the wake of Voya Nui when suddenly, every creature stops, feeling cold inside. Matoro then looks at the now grey mask, and proclaims that the Great Spirit has died.

Knowing that a moment cannot be spared, Matoro leaves his fellow Mahri, and quickly swims with Voya Nui to its place of origin. Meanwhile, the furious Barraki arrive, and have an all-out battle against the five remaining Mahri, and plot to send their armies after Matoro. Meanwhile, Hydraxon, seeing all that has happened, discovers a destroyed Maxilos, with the Spirit of Teridax missing (which will rock the foundation of the Toa's lives once they discover where he is). Matoro beats Voya Nui and descends into the Universe Core, nearly being crushed by the landmass above. There, the sentient Ignika speaks, and informs him to don the Mask of Life, which Matoro accepts as his destiny. The entirety of his life, from Matoran to Toa, flashes, and Matoro realizes that this was where he must be in the end. However, he used his last bit of will to save his friends. His body is then transformed into fierce raw energy, and revives the Great Spirit Mata Nui in a massive explosion.

As the battle between the Toa Mahri and the Barraki rages, a sudden change of events occurs; the Mahri are instantly transported back to Metru Nui, able to breathe air, where Turaga Vakama awaits, informing them of Matoro's deed and of his death. But in their hearts, he will never be truly gone, he is now part of the universe, having transcended to a higher state of being.

Meanwhile, the Toa Nuva are sent to Artakha, a paradise island, and are given new armor, masks, and weapons. Artakha then teleports the Toa Nuva to Karda Nui, telling them to fulfill their destiny and to wake Mata Nui.

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