Bionicle Legends

Bionicle Legends is the third book series based in the Bionicle universe. It had ended in 2008 and was succeeded by a new, final 3-book series, titled Bionicle Super Chapter Book. Bionicle Legends covered the events that occurred in the storyline's 2006-2008 story arc. It follows the Bionicle Adventures series; but as Adventures is almost exclusively told in flashbacks, the events preceding those in Legends are told in the first book series, Bionicle Chronicles.

In Bionicle Legends, the Great Spirit Mata Nui is dying, and the universe will die with him if nothing is done. A new group of Toa must find the Mask of Life that can save him before it is too late, but other, more sinister groups also desire such a powerful mask for their own purposes.

The 2006 arc of Legends was adapted into the Bionicle Heroes video game.

Despite not being named as such on the titles, the 2009 book, Raid on Vulcanus was labeled as being part of Bionicle Legends on some websites.

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