BIN - Bins


"Bins" can mean:

  • the plural of bin
  • an abbreviation for binoculars

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Littering Behavior - Solutions - Litter Bins
... Public waste containers or street bins are provided by local authorities to be used as a convenient place for the disposal and collection of litter ... If the bins are not regularly emptied, then overfilling of bins occurs and can increase litter indirectly ... responsibility for rubbish that is placed in the bins, which means that litter remains a problem ...
Silo Types - Bins
... A bin is typically much shorter than a silo, and is typically used for holding dry matter such as concrete or grain ... Bins may be round or square, but round bins tend to empty more easily due to a lack of corners for the stored material to become wedged and encrusted ... To facilitate drying after harvesting, some grain bins contain a hollow perforated or screened central shaft to permit easier air infiltration into the stored grain ...
Stars And Bars (combinatorics) - Proofs - Theorem One
... has k objects (to be represented as stars in the example below k = 7) to be placed into n bins (in the example n = 3), such that all bins contain at least one object ... Instead of starting to place stars into bins, one starts by placing the stars on a line ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Fig. 1 seven objects represented by stars where the stars for the first bin will be taken from the left, followed by the stars for the second bin, and so forth ...
Bin (computational Geometry)
... In computational geometry, the bin data structure allows efficient region queries, i.e ... The data structure partitions a region of the 2D plane into uniform-sized bins ... The bounding box of the bins encloses all candidate rectangles to be queried ...
Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority
... On 3 March 2009, all bins were replaced (except green waste bins) ... Skinny rubbish bins were replaced with short fat square bins with red lids, and the octagon recycling bins were replaced with square bins of the same size with a yellow lid ...