Big Mac

The Big Mac (introduced in metro Pittsburgh in 1967 and nationwide in 1968) is a hamburger sold by McDonald's, an international fast food restaurant chain. It is one of the company's signature products. It consists of two 1.6 oz (45.4 g) 100 per cent beef patties, American cheese, "special sauce" (a sort of Thousand Island dressing), iceberg lettuce, pickles, and onions, served in a three part sesame seed bun.

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Big Mac - Nutritional Values According To Geographical Location
... The Big Mac is a geographically localized product ... In the United States, the Big Mac has 540 kcal (2,340 kJ), 29 grams of fat and 25 grams of protein ... Mcdonald's subsidiaries adapt the standard features of the Big Mac (from the USA) to regional requirements ...
Big Mac (video Game)
... Big Mac the Mad Maintenance Man is a computer game published in 1985 by Mastertronic for the Commodore 64 ... The game's full title according to the cover is More Adventures of Big Mac the Mad Maintenance Man although the game's opening screen uses the shorter title ... Most fans, however, simply remember the game as 'Big Mac' ...
Big Mac Index - Overview - Limitations
... While economists widely cite the Big Mac index as a reasonable real-world measurement of purchasing power parity, the burger methodology has some limitations ... expensive in comparison to eating at a local restaurant, and the demand for Big Macs is not as large in countries like India as in the United States ... Overall, the price of a Big Mac will be a reflection of its local production and delivery cost, the cost of advertising (considerable in some areas), and most importantly what the local market will ...
List Of Mc Donald's Ad Programs - Scratch-off Games and Sweepstakes Promotions - United States
... a sweep won a Big Mac, fries, and a drink) 1976 – Montreal Olympics Scratch-off game ... If the USA won gold in that event, you won a Big Mac. 1989 – Million-Dollar McDonald's song contest for Big Mac ...
List Of Recurring Tugs Characters - Star Fleet - Big Mac
... Big Mac (#2) is a harbour tug with a broad Glaswegian accent ... as Ten Cents and Sunshine- Warrior sometimes doesn't understand Big Mac's ideas, and Warrior's clumsiness sometimes infuriates Big Mac- but they have a mutual ... Big Mac's design is based on the San Francisco tugs of the 1920s ...

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