Big Al

Big Al may refer to:

  • Alan Shearer, a former Newcastle & England International footballer
  • Alex Gerke (born 1961), a football coach who briefly wrestled as Big Al in World Championship Wrestling in 2000
  • Al Green (wrestler) (Alfred Dobalo, born 1955) an American professional wrestler who is nicknamed Big Al
  • Al Jefferson American professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz
  • Al Pacino, actor considered one of the greatest of all time
  • Al Poling (born 1957) a professional wrestler who briefly wrestled as Big Al in World Championship Wrestling in 1997
  • Al Unser, Sr., a former CART open-cockpit open-wheel race car driver
  • Big Al (book), a children's picture book by Andrew Clements
  • Big Al (Cars), a character in Cars that is mentioned, but not seen
  • Big Al (comedian), Australian comedian
  • Big Al (fossil), a nearly complete dinosaur specimen discovered in Wyoming in 1991
  • Big Al (mascot), the elephant mascot of the University of Alabama
  • Big Al (play), 2002 Off-Broadway play
  • Big Al (radio presenter), British radio personality
  • Big Al Brewing, a craft brewery
  • Big Al Carson, or Alton Carson, American blues and jazz singer
  • Big Al Downing (1940-2005), American singer, songwriter and pianist
  • The Ballad of Big Al, a television special about an Allosaurus dinosaur
  • Big Al, a character in the Ratchet & Clank video game series
  • Big Al, a character in the 1984 TV series The Beiderbecke Affair and its sequels
  • The Vocaloid "Big Al"
  • Albertus Magnus
  • 'Big Al Kirr' a British Semi-Professional footballer of Cheltenham Saracens

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The Ballad Of Big Al
... The Ballad of Big Al (distributed as Allosaurus a Walking with Dinosaurs Special) is a combination biography-sequel for Walking with Dinosaurs ... It focuses on an Allosaurus (Allosaurus fragilis) named Big Al and his constant struggle to survive in a world filled with danger ...
The Beiderbecke Trilogy - Characters - Big Al
... Big Al, along with his brother Little Norm, runs a slightly dubious, but largely legal mail order catalogue business, which after redundancy was Big Al's way of saying 'bollocks to ... Big Al is the more dominant and headstrong of the two, whose input to the business seems greater ... Big Al runs his business from an allotment and a church crypt and later from a bowling green ...
Cult Maniax - History
... track "Black Horse" (written by Alan "Big Al" Mitchell) expressed his dissatisfaction at the landlord's attitude to the punk generation ... Big Al and Mil went onto form a band called the Sweet Thangs which released an EP ... Big Al can still be seen 2006 in a duet called Free Born Men ...
Country Bear Christmas Special - Show - Songs
... Song"- Henry and Teddi Barra "Another New Year"- Big Al "Let It Snow/ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer/ Winter Wonderland"- Cast (except Ernest Trixie as she is on the ...

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