• (adj): Consisting of two chambers.
    Example: "The bicameral heart of a fish"
    Synonyms: two-chambered
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Some articles on bicameral:

History Of Nebraska - Government
... Under the original constitution, the Nebraska Legislature was bicameral, with a House and a Senate ... Senator George Norris campaigned for the abolition of the bicameral system, following the example of the Australian state of Queensland which had adopted a unicameral system ten years previously he argued that the ...
Bicameralism (psychology) - Jaynes' Case For Bicameralism - Breakdown of Bicameralism
... According to Jaynes, this bicameral mentality began malfunctioning or "breaking down" during the second millennium BC ... as changes in the environment strained the socio-cultural equilibria sustained by this bicameral mindset ... Those who continued prophesying, being bicameral according to Jaynes, could be killed ...
Bicameralism (psychology) - Brain Hemispheres and Bicamerality
... The metaphor is not meant to imply that the two halves of the bicameral brain were "cut off" from each other but that the bicameral mind was experienced as a different ... The bicameral mentality would be non-conscious in its inability to reason and articulate about mental contents through meta-reflection, reacting without explicitly realizing and without ... The bicameral mind would thus be a "zombie mind" lacking metaconsciousness, autobiographical memory and the capacity for executive "ego functions" such as deliberate mind-wandering ...
List Of European Union Member States By Political System - Parliamentary Chambers
... (tricameral and tetracameral ones), nowadays there are only unicameral and bicameral ones ... differences or regional identities are normally bicameral to reflect the regions' interests in national bills ...
List Of African Union Member States By Political System - Legislatures
... a country's legislature is unicameral or bicameral, except for the fact that federations and countries with strong regional differences or regional identities are normally bicameral to reflect the regions ... There are presently 34 unicameral legislatures and 19 bicameral legislatures in among AU member states ...

More definitions of "bicameral":

  • (adj): Composed of two legislative bodies.