Bhuma Nagi Reddy - Bhumaism


Bhuma Nagi Reddy has become very popular in Rayalaseema and in the state as a whole, just because of his special characteristics. Today his name is enough to represent the character of Rayalaseema. Many stories are heard in Nandyal belt about his style of working. He never betrayed the cadre, But unfortunate of him a lot of cadre betrayed Bhuma in 2004 elections. Bhuma is such an ardent hard worker that if he insists on any subject matter of public, he never quits without the work getting completed or sanctioned by the government. This exact character of him is being termed as 'bhumaism'. The 'autonagar' development is one such an example. There has been a longstanding demand for the construction of new railway line from Yerraguntla to Nandyal. This had been always a pending project until Bhuma takes the initiation. Even in politics he could not compromise with the heads of TDP. Bhuma was on an opinion that party did not serve him as he served to the party when it was in hardships. He thought that within the party, he was not given enough priorities as his rivals enjoyed. When the party was in ruling, he didn't get any support to serve the needs of his cadre. Bhuma used to tell his ingratitude about the party to his near and dears, and sometimes expressed openly. When the time ripened Bhuma couple came out of the party criticising the leadership. He held the open meeting with his core cadre of Allagadda and discussed in depth for the future of his political movements. He along with his wife Shobha Nagi reddy joined Chiranjeevi's "Praja Rajyam Party". She contested from Allagada assembly constituency and Bhuma from Nandyal Parliamentary Constituency in 2009 general elections. Though he lost the election... his influence secured 2 assembly seats (Allagadda and Banagani Palle )to PRP.

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