Bewick's Swan

Bewick's Swan

The Tundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus) is a small Holarctic swan. The two taxa within it are usually regarded as conspecific, but are also sometimes split into two species, Cygnus bewickii (Bewick's Swan) of the Palaearctic and the Whistling Swan, C. columbianus proper, of the Nearctic. Birds from eastern Russia (roughly east of the Taimyr Peninsula) are sometimes separated as the subspecies C. c. jankowskii, but this is not widely accepted as distinct, most authors including them in C. c. bewickii. Tundra Swans are sometimes separated in the genus Olor together with the other Arctic swan species.

Bewick's Swan is named after the engraver Thomas Bewick, who specialised in illustrations of birds and animals.

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William Harvey (artist)
... At the age of 14, he was apprenticed to Thomas Bewick, and became one of his favorite pupils ... Bewick describes him as one "who both as an engraver designer, stands preeminent" at his day (Memoir, p ... He engraved many blocks for Bewick's Aesop's Fables (1818) ...
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... Bewick is in the parliamentary constituency of Berwick-upon-Tweed. ...
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... The various editions of Aesop's Fables illustrated by Bewick span almost his entire creative life ... edition fairly obviously reappear there and Bewick's habit of recycling earlier work for later use can be illustrated from both ... A third edition of the fables was the work of Bewick's maturity ...
Ralph Beilby
... In 1767 Thomas Bewick was apprenticed to him ... The texts in Bewick's A General History of Quadrupeds (1790) and History of British Birds Land Birds (1797) were drafted by Beilby and revised by Bewick ... According to Bewick's account, Beilby wanted to have his name appeared in Land Birds as the sole author however, upon Bewick's disagreement, neither of them was named as the author ...

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