Beta Prime Distribution - Related Distributions

Related Distributions

  • If then
  • If then
  • If and, then .
  • the Dagum distribution
  • the Singh Maddala distribution
  • the Log logistic distribution
  • Beta prime distribution is a special case of the type 6 Pearson distribution
  • Pareto distribution type II is related to Beta prime distribution
  • Pareto distribution type IV is related to Beta prime distribution

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... Several different distributions are sometimes referred to as the generalized log-logistic distribution, as they contain the log-logistic as a special case ... These include the Burr Type XII distribution (also known as the Singh-Maddala distribution) and the Dagum distribution, both of which include a second shape parameter ... in turn special cases of the even more general generalized beta distribution of the second kind ...
Shifted Log-logistic Distribution - Definition - Related Distributions
... When the shifted log-logistic reduces to the log-logistic distribution ... When → 0, the shifted log-logistic reduces to the logistic distribution ... is the same as the generalized Pareto distribution with shape parameter ...

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