Beta Flight

Beta Flight is a fictional superhero team owned by Marvel Comics that exists in that company's Marvel Universe. Along with Gamma Flight, Beta Flight is one of the "minor leagues" of the Canadian team Alpha Flight. Originally, Beta Flight was the intermediate level team. Members are more experienced than the raw recruits of Gamma Flight but not yet ready to join Alpha Flight. When members of Beta Flight prove themselves worthy they are promoted to Alpha Flight.

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... Team The team as it was revealed in Alpha Flight, vol. 1 #1 (1983) Box Roger Bochs Alpha Flight, vol. 1 #1 (1983) Flashback Gardner Monroe Alpha Flight, vol ...
Beta Flight - Fictional Team History
... Beta Flight was first mentioned in Alpha Flight vol. 1 #1 as Department H's secondary team behind Alpha Flight ... Department H was defunded in that issue, thus ending government support of the Flight teams ...
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... He helped him with the construction of Box and recruited Bochs into Gamma Flight, a training program for the Canadian superhero group Alpha Flight ... Bochs quickly graduated to Beta Flight, a group for more advanced superhero trainees, but the Canadian government severed its links with Alpha Flight shortly afterwards and Beta ... Some members of Beta Flight joined Alpha Flight, while most Gamma Flight-members were recruited by Jerome Jaxon, an old enemy of Hudson, to join Omega Flight, a criminal organisation ...
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... During the clash with Alpha Flight, Laura swapped places with her twin in Liveworld, whom she had dubbed Goblyn ... After Alpha Flight defeated Bedlam, Goblyn and Laura were admitted into Beta Flight under the misbelief that they were one and the same person ... However, this was all sorted out when Alpha Flight travelled to Liveworld and there encountered the Dreamqueen ...

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