Berth may refer to:

  • Berth (moorings)
  • Berth (sleeping)
  • Berth (album), an album by The Used
  • Playoff berth, a spot clinched in the playoffs in a sports league's postseason

Berthing may refer to:

  • The placement of a spacecraft into a berthing mechanism through the use of a robotic arm
  • A cabin on a ship

Other articles related to "berth, berths":

Berth (moorings) - Locations in A Port
... Berth is the term used in ports and harbors for a designated location where a vessel may be moored, usually for the purposes of loading and unloading ... Berths are designated by the management of a facility (e.g ... Vessels are assigned to berths by these authorities ...
Berth (sleeping) - Beds in Boats or Ships
... Some of these berths have specific names Quarter berth A single bunk tucked under the cockpit ... Settee berth The archetypal layout for a small yacht has seats running down both sides of the cabin, with a table in the middle ... for a rather narrow bed, good settee berths will have a system for moving the back of the settee out of the way this can reveal a surprisingly wide bunk, often running right ...
Jean-Simon Berthélemy
... Jean-Simon Berthélemy (5 March 1743 – 1 March 1811) was a French history painter who was commissioned to paint allegorical ceilings for the Palais du Louvre, the Luxembourg Palace and others, in a ... Berthélemy was born in Laon, Aisne, the son of a sculptor, Jean-Joseph Berthélemy ... Berthélemy's master Hallé provided cartoons for the royal tapestry manufacture of the Gobelins, where he was appointed superintendent in 1770 Berthélemy was called upon to ...
Akebono (train) - Interior
... 4-person couchette (lower berth) 4-person couchette (upper berth) Corridor A "Solo" single-berth compartment ...