Bermuda Regiment

The Bermuda Regiment is the home defence unit of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda. It is a single territorial infantry battalion that was formed by the amalgamation in 1965 of two originally voluntary units, the all white Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps (BVRC) and the mostly black Bermuda Militia Artillery (BMA).

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... British Overseas Territories retain locally-raised regiments Bermuda Regiment Royal Gibraltar Regiment Falkland Islands Defence Force Royal Montserrat Defence Force Two. 3 (Summer) Dress Royal Gibraltar Regiment on parade on the occasion of the Queen's birthday parade on June 2007 ...
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... Bermuda Regiment Soldiers armed with Mini-14s on OPs in Barbados for Cricket World Cup 2007 Two Bermuda Regiment Warrant Officers The Bermuda Regiment Band ... Instructor (PSI) with senior Non-Commissioned Officers of the Bermuda Regiment The main gate of Warwick Camp, as it appears today, from the South Shore Road (formerly. 5 (Desert Combat) Dress, armed with a Galil AR self-loading rifle at USMC Camp Lejeune, in 1994 Bermuda Regiment Bermuda Police Service boats in July 2011 Former Second-in-Command (2-i-C ...
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... The Royal Anglian Regiment has a unique relationship with the Bermuda Regiment, a Territorial battalion of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda ... Although the Bermuda Regiment is usually described as an affiliated regiment, its relationship to the Regiment is more akin to that of one of Royal Anglian's own TA battalions ... The Bermuda Regiment is an amalgamation of the old Bermuda Militia Artillery and Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps (BVRC, which had been renamed the Bermuda Rifles) ...
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