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Louise Berger - The Manifesto and Life in Soviet Russia
... Louise Berger remained active in the United States anarchist movement for three more years ... Goldman and Berkman entrusted Louise Berger, (according to Goldman, one of "our closest and most dependable friends") with a copy of the manifesto to take with her on her journey to Russia ... Berger sailed from New York in August 1917 bound for Russia, along with journalist John Reed and several other prominent radicals ...
Berger, Vestfold
... Berger is a village in the municipality of Svelvik, Norway ... Its population (2005) is 1,108, of which 3 people live within the border of the neighboring municipality Sande ...
Louise Berger
... Louise Berger was a Latvian anarchist, a member of the Anarchist Red Cross and editor of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth Bulletin in New York ... Berger became well known outside anarchist circles in 1914 after a premature bomb explosion at her New York City apartment (known as the Lexington Avenue bombing), which ...
Charles Berger (baseball)
... Charles Berger (January 7, 1882 – February 10, 1954) was an American pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for the Cleveland Indians (1907–1910) ... Berger is buried at Lake View Cemetery Cuyahoga County, Ohio ...
Culture Of Baltimore, Maryland - Other Food Specialties - Berger Cookies
... Berger Cookies are a kind of cookie that enjoys immense popularity in Baltimore and surrounding Maryland ... Originally brought from Germany to Baltimore by George and Henry Berger in 1835, they are now produced and sold by DeBaufre Bakeries ...

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    Publicity is the life of this culture—in so far as without publicity capitalism could not survive—and at the same time publicity is its dream.
    —John Berger (b. 1926)

    Directors like Satyajit Ray, Rossellini, Bresson, Buñuel, Forman, Scorsese, and Spike Lee have used non-professional actors precisely in order that the people we see on the screen may be scarcely more explained than reality itself. Professionals, except fo the greatest, usually play not just the necessary role, but an explanation of the role.
    —John Berger (b. 1926)

    When we read a story, we inhabit it. The covers of the book are like a roof and four walls. What is to happen next will take place within the four walls of the story. And this is possible because the story’s voice makes everything its own.
    —John Berger (b. 1926)