Benefit or Benefits may refer to:

  • Benefit concert, any activity performed for a charitable purpose
  • Benefit (album), a 1970 album by Jethro Tull
  • "Benefits" (How I Met Your Mother), a 2009 episode of the show How I Met Your Mother
  • Benefit (sports), a match or season of activities granted by a sporting body to a loyal sportsman to boost their income before retirement
  • Economic benefit, the positive contribution to national product (or other measure of value) from an economic activity or project: see Cost-benefit analysis or Benefits realisation management
  • Employee benefit, a non-monetary employment compensation
  • Health benefit (disambiguation)
  • Legal benefit, an element of the benefit-detriment theory of consideration
  • Money, goods or services provided by a social welfare program, including:
    • Federal benefits, as provided by the United States federal government to its citizens
    • United Kingdom pensions and benefits
  • The Benefit Company, a financial company linking Bahrain's local banks together, as well as neighboring countries.

Other articles related to "benefit, benefits":

Health Management System
... which actuarial assessment of fitness and economic-type cost-benefit analysis determines the body’s regulation of its physiology and health ... This incorporation of cost-benefit calculations into body regulation provides a science grounded approach to mind-body phenomena such as placebos that are ... The deployment of self-treatments have costs as well as benefits with the result that evolution has selected management processes in the brain such that self-treatment ...
Hyperacidity - Treatment - H. Pylori Connection
... dyspepsia has been controversial, with several trials finding a benefit and others finding no benefit a 2003 Cochrane Collaboration review found that treating H ... More recently, "Helicobacter pylori eradication provided significant benefits to primary care patients with functional dyspepsia." according to a randomized controlled trial ... In this trial, the relative benefit ratio of Helicobacter pylori eradication for 50% reduction in symptoms at 12 months was 1.3 and, the relative benefit increase was 34.3% ...
Benefit-cost Ratio
... A benefit-cost ratio (BCR) is an indicator, used in the formal discipline of cost-benefit analysis, that attempts to summarize the overall value for money of a project or proposal ... A BCR is the ratio of the benefits of a project or proposal, expressed in monetary terms, relative to its costs, also expressed in monetary terms ... All benefits and costs should be expressed in discounted present values ...
Hiper Dispatch - Benefit
... offers very little CPU savings benefit on machines configured with a relatively small number of CPUs ... The other benefit of HiperDispatch - "parking" logical CPUs so that the number of CPUs on which z/OS dispatches work more closely matches the LPAR's weight ... (The benefit of this is the reduction of the "short engine" effect, making system performance more responsive ...

Famous quotes containing the word benefit:

    All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.
    Henry Miller (1891–1980)

    We do not marry for ourselves, whatever we say; we marry just as much or more for our posterity, for our family. The practice and benefit of marriage concerns our race very far beyond us.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    Henceforth may the neglected lover constantly read me, and may my troubles, once they are known, be of some benefit to him.
    Propertius Sextus (c. 50–16 B.C.)