Bedok View Secondary School - Ethos, Uniform and Discipline

Ethos, Uniform and Discipline

The school believes that all students can learn and want to learn, though they may learn differently. It believes in having high expectations of all students, and giving them high levels of support through teachers who make a difference, teamwork and collaboration. The school believes that quality teaching contributes to good discipline, and that good discipline contributes to quality teaching and learning.

The compulsory uniform consists of white blouse or shirt (which does not need to be tucked in) and beige bottoms. Boys in secondary 1 and secondary 2 must wear short trousers, graduating to long pants in secondary 3 (typically the year in which students turn 15). Students are not allowed to tint or dye their hair. Boys must have short hair. Girls wear pleated beige skirt. All students must wear white socks, which must be clearly visible.

Any electronic equipment such as mobile telephones (known locally as handphones) will be confiscated if found used during lessons for a period of 3 weeks.

Minor penalties for indiscipline include detention, canteen duty or community work order, and there is also a demerit points system. For smoking (on or off school premises), rudeness or defiance, theft, forgery, abuse of technology, fighting/bullying and substance abuse, male students receive corporal punishment, whereby two or three hard strokes of a large rattan cane are administered to the seat of the boy's uniform trousers. (Any girls who commit these offences are suspended.) In serious cases the caning ceremony is performed in front of an assembly of the whole student population. However, most canings are administered in private. Normally two strokes are given.

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