Beast Mode

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List Of Maximals - Beast Wars Neo Maximals - Minor Maximals
... Beast mode is a fiddler crab ... Beast mode is a Wild Boar ... Beast mode is a sawshark ...
Axalon - Comic Series
... Armordillo - Beast mode is an armadillo ... Appeared in the 2006 IDW Beast Wars comic series ... B'Boom - Beast mode is a mandrill ...
Bloody Roar (video Game) - Gameplay
... a set amount of energy that is used to activate "Beast Mode", which causes the character to change into a Beast ... transform at any time after the letter "B" appears in the "Beast Indicator" below the players' life energy indicators ... The Beast Indicator appears blue when storing the energy needed for transforming ...
Beast Megatron - Beast Wars - Animated Series - Beast Machines
... In Beast Machines, Megatron's personality underwent a change to become a much darker character ... Part-way into the journey back to Cybertron after the end of the Beast Wars, Megatron was able to break free of his bonds and exited the timestream ... of any and all organic influences on the planet, including his own beast mode ...
List Of Beast Machines Characters - Predacons
... He gained a Transmetal form giving him a flight mode ... His beast modes are a Tyrannosaurus and later a dragon ... Beast mode is a scorpion ...

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    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    Strange thing me seemd to see a beast so wyld,
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    Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)