BC Odessa - Most Famous Players

Most Famous Players

  • Vadym Pudzyrey
  • Vitaliy Usenko
  • Ihor Kharchenko
  • Ihor Molchanov
  • Leonid Yaylo
  • Oleksandr Okunskiy
  • Tomas Pačėsas
  • Eddy Barlow
  • Hennadiy Kuznetsov
  • Aleksey Karvanen
  • Oleh Yushkin
  • Stanislav Balashov
  • Oleksiy Poltorackiy
  • Vadym Matyukevych
  • Otis Hill
  • Wayne Wallace
  • John DeGroat
  • Jerel Blassingame
  • Larry Turner
  • Jamison Brewer

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