Bayan may have the following meanings coming from various cultures

  • Bayan, means dawn in Kurdish language.
  • Bayan, the larger drum of the tabla set.
  • an Arabic female name meaning "clearness, eloquence."
  • Bayan, the Turkish word for "lady"
  • two Mongol generals of the Yuan Dynasty:
    • Bayan of the Baarin and
    • Bayan of the Merkid
  • Buyan (khan), aka Bayan, the Khan of the Blue Horde
  • Al Bayan, a newspaper in the Arab Emirates
  • Al Bayan, an Iraqi newspaper affiliated to the Islamic Dawa Party
  • The Bayán, meaning exposition, was a set of two books written by the Báb
    • Persian Bayán
    • Arabic Bayán
  • Bayan, Dashkasan, Azerbaijan
  • Bayan, Oghuz, Azerbaijan
  • Bayan area an area within the Hawalli governorate of Kuwait
  • Bayan or Piyan, an old name for Khorramshahr, Afghanistan
  • Bayan (accordion), Russian accordion
  • Boyan (bard), mythical Slavic bard
  • Bayan I, Avar khagan
  • Bayan II, Avar khagan
  • Bayan (son of Kubrat), son of Kubrat Khan
  • Bayan County, in Harbin city, Heilongjiang Province, China
  • BAYAN, a political coalition in the Philippines
  • Beyan & Nahro, a love coalition in Norway
  • Bayan Muna, a leftist political party in the Philippines
  • Bayan Telecommunications, a major telecommunications carrier in the Philippines.
  • Bayan Productions, a co-production of ABS-CBN, which is produced by Trip na Trip, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and Urban Zone.
  • Bayan class cruiser, a class of armored cruisers of Imperial Russian Navy

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