Bavarian Soviet Republic

The Bavarian Soviet Republic, also known as the Munich Soviet Republic (German: Bayerische Räterepublik or Münchner Räterepublik) was, as part of the German Revolution of 1918–1919, the short-lived attempt to establish a socialist state in the form of a democratic workers' council republic in the Free State of Bavaria. It sought independence from the also recently proclaimed Weimar Republic. Its capital was Munich.

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Eugen Levine - Bavarian Soviet Republic
... the war ended, Leviné joined the Communist Party of Germany and helped to create a socialist republic in Bavaria ... However, the republic lasted only several weeks, replaced quickly by a soviet republic after the assassination of Kurt Eisner, then leader of the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD) ... The ruling government of the new republic lasted only six days, due to poor leadership under the German playwright Ernst Toller ...

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