Bauman is a surname and may refer to:

  • Christopher Bauman (1982–2005), American professional wrestler
  • Eric Bauman, creator of eBaum's World
  • Neil Bauman, father and secretary of Eric Bauman
  • Joe Bauman (1922–2005), American baseball first baseman
  • Jon Bauman (born 1947), American musician, member of musical group Sha Na Na
  • Louis Bauman (1875–1950), American fundamentalist minister, writer, and bible conference speaker
  • Michael Bauman (born 1950), American theologian, author, world cycling champion
  • Mordecai Bauman (1912–2007), American baritone
  • Nikolay Bauman (1873–1905), Russian revolutionary
  • Richard Bauman, American folklorist, linguistic anthropologist, and American studies scholar
  • Robert Bauman (born 1937), American politician
  • Robert J. Bauman, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia since 2009
  • Schamyl Bauman (died 1966), Swedish film director
  • Zygmunt Bauman (born 1925), Polish sociologist philosopher

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Louis Bauman - Biography - Philadelphia
... In 1900 Bauman began a pastorate at the First Brethren Church of Philadelphia, a place where his interest in foreign missions and eschatology would bloom ... Bauman served in the last position until 1945 ... In a Philadelphia streetcar Bauman led James Gribble to Christianity, who along with his wife Dr ...
Louis Bauman - Selected Works - Magazines Which Bauman Contributed To Frequently
... The Brethren Evangelist Bauman began contributing to the Brethren Church magazine in his late teens, and wrote frequently up until the Ashland/Grace split in 1939 ... The Brethren Missionary Herald Bauman was a contributor to the Grace Brethren movement newsletter from its start until his death in 1950 ... Bauman wrote nearly each month, pointing to current events and their alignment with his interpretation of Biblical prophecy ...
Christian Bauman
... Christian Bauman (born June 15, 1970) is an American novelist, essayist, and lyricist ... A former soldier, Bauman is arguably best known for his critically acclaimed 2002 debut novel The Ice Beneath You, about the return of a young American soldier from Somalia ... prose in Voodoo Lounge reverberates in the white space around it." Bauman's first two novels are among the very small group of war-based literary fiction produced by Generation X ...
Louis Bauman
... Louis Sylvester Bauman (November 13, 1875 – November 8, 1950) was a Brethren minister, writer, and Bible conference speaker, holding influential leadership in the Brethren Church and the "Grace Brethren ... Bauman held to traditional Brethren views regarding baptism, communion, and nonresistance, but also held to evangelical convictions regarding missions, and premillennial dispensationalism, with the latter views ...