Baum is a German surname meaning "tree"; notable people with this surname include::

  • Antoine Baumé, (1728–1804), French chemist
  • Bernie Baum, American song writer
  • Eric Baum, American computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher
  • Edgar Schofield Baum (1916–2006), American artist
  • Frank Baum (footballer) (born 1956), German footballer
  • Frank Joslyn Baum (1883–1958), American lawyer, soldier, writer and film producer
  • Friedrich Baum (1727–1777), colonel in British service during the American revolutionary war
  • L. Frank Baum (1856–1919), American author (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), actor, and independent filmmaker
  • Oskar Baum (1883–1941), Czech music educator and writer
  • Paul Baum (born 1936), American mathematician
  • Roger S. Baum (born 1938), American banker, now children's author
  • Vicki Baum (1888–1960), Austrian writer
  • Walter Baum (born 1921), German type designer
  • Walter Emerson Baum (1884–1956), Pennsylvania impressionist painter
  • Wilhelm Baum, (born 1948), Austrian historian, publisher
  • William Wakefield Baum (born 1926), Catholic cardinal

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