Battle of Los Angeles (professional Wrestling) - Results - 2007 Battle of Los Angeles

2007 Battle of Los Angeles

The 2007 BOLA was held on August 31, September 1 and September 2, 2007 in Burbank, CA. The event suffered many losses leading up to it including PWG World Champion Bryan Danielson suffering an eye injury, former World Champion Super Dragon pulling himself from the event and former BOLA winner Chris Bosh announcing his retirement out of nowhere. They were replaced by TNA wrestler Alex Shelley, local worker Tony Kozina and the Necro Butcher. At Giant-Size Annual #4 the month before the event Austin Aries defeated Rocky Romero to take his spot in BOLA.

1st Round Quarterfinals Semifinals
Joey Ryan DQ
Chris Hero 16:42
Joey Ryan Sub
Roderick Strong 07:32
Roderick Strong Pin
Austin Aries 14:30
Roderick Strong Pin
Alex Shelley 15:30
Jimmy Rave Pin
Matt Sydal 09:32
Matt Sydal Pin
Alex Shelley 12:41
Alex Shelley Pin
Tyler Black 20:07
1st Round Quarterfinals Semifinals
Claudio Castagnoli Pin
Doug Williams 14:33
Claudio Castagnoli Pin
PAC 12:10
Jack Evans Pin
PAC 11:36
CIMA 14:12
Human Tornado 10:53
Shingo Takagi 12:05
Scott Lost Pin
Shingo Takagi 11:53
1st Round Quarterfinals Semifinals
Necro Butcher Pin
Kevin Steen 08:15
Necro Butcher Pin
Nigel McGuinness 08:20
Nigel McGuinness Pin
Davey Richards 15:32
Nigel McGuinness Pin
El Generico 12:48
El Generico Pin
Tony Kozina 12:09
El Generico Pin
Dragon Kid 08:01
Dragon Kid Pin
Susumu Yokosuka 16:36

Finals: CIMA defeated Roderick Strong and El Generico via pinfall in 13:17 in an elimination three-way match to win the 2007 BOLA

  • Elimination order:
CIMA eliminated El Generico via pinfall in 08:57
CIMA eliminated Roderick Strong via pinfall in 13:17
Non-tournament matches
Night One
  • The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) defeated Los Luchas (Phoenix Sun and Zokre) via pinfall in 08:59
  • Kevin Steen and El Generico defeated Typhoon (Dragon Kid and Susumu Yokosuka) via pinfall in 18:45 to retain the PWG World Tag Team Championship
Night Two
  • Ronin and T.J. Perkins defeated Karl Anderson and Bino Gambino via pinfall in 11:59
Night Three
  • Chris Hero, Tyler Black, Doug Williams, Susumu Yokosuka, Kevin Steen and Jack Evans defeated Human Tornado, Austin Aries, Jimmy Rave, Davey Richards, Scott Lost and Karl Anderson via pinfall in 22:52

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