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List Of Dungeons & Dragons Monsters (1977–1999) - Later Publications - TSR 9173 - AC9 - Creature Catalogue (1986)
... Catalogue was the first full book of monsters for the basic edition of the Dungeons Dragons game, published in 1986 after the Basic, Expert, Companion, and Master sets ... first presented in the official Dungeons Dragons adventure modules to that time, plus many new creatures ... index of all D D monsters found in this book, and the Basic, Expert, Companion and Master rule sets, pages 11–89 contain the monster descriptions, pages 90–91 contain a creature "type ...
List Of Dungeons & Dragons Monsters (1977–1999) - X Series Modules - TSR 9081 - D&D Expert Module X6 Quagmire! (1984)
1981), Creature Catalogue (1986) Giant Piranha and Giant Catfish Grab Grass 29 D D Expert Module X2 Castle Amber (1981), D D Companion Rules (1984), Rules Cyclopedia (1991 ...

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