Baron Langford - Barons Langford (1800)

Barons Langford (1800)

  • Clotworthy Rowley, 1st Baron Langford (1763–1825)
  • Hercules Langford Rowley, 2nd Baron Langford (1795–1839)
  • Clotworthy Wellington William Robert Rowley, 3rd Baron Langford (1824–1854)
  • Hercules Edward Rowley, 4th Baron Langford (1848–1919)
  • John Hercules William Rowley, 5th Baron Langford (1894–1922)
  • William Chambre Rowley, 6th Baron Langford (1849–1931)
  • Clotworthy Wellington Thomas Edward Rowley, 7th Baron Langford (1885–1952)
  • Arthur Sholto Langford Rowley, 8th Baron Langford (1870–1953)
  • Geoffrey Alexander Rowley-Conwy, 9th Baron Langford (born 1912)

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