Banja can refer to:

  • Banja (woreda), an administrative division of the Amhara Region, Ethiopia
  • Banja, Aranđelovac, a village in Serbia
  • Banja (Priboj), a village in Serbia
  • Banja, Split-Dalmatia County, a village near Vrgorac, Croatia
  • Banja, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, a village near Ploče, Croatia
  • Banja, Macedonia, a village in Češinovo-Obleševo Municipality, Republic of Macedonia
  • Various toponyms named Banja meaning spa, see All pages beginning with "Banja"

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Birs - List of BIRS Companies
... Banja Luka telecoms 1,061m 538m 2 Birač a.d ... Banja Luka financial 95m 49m 5 Nova banka a.d ... Banja Luka brewery 50m 26m 7 Boksit a.d ...
Banja (woreda)
... Banja was one of the 105 woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia ... It was named after a significant mountain located in the woreda, Mount Banja, where Fasil crushed a revolt of the Agaw in the late 18th century ... Part of the Agew Awi Zone, Banja was bordered on the south by Ankesha, on the west by Guangua, on the north by Faggeta Lekoma, and on the east by the Mirab Gojjam Zone ...
Spa Towns In Serbia - Notes and References
... ^ In Serbian, word for spa (banja) is almost always a part of the banja's name ... If the name is given as a noun, banja precedes it (Banja Koviljača), if the name is given as an adjective (usually with the -ka suffix), banja comes after (Niška ...
Spa Towns In Serbia - List
... Name Location Information Picture Atomska Banja Čačak municipality, Western Serbia ... Springs (#) Temperature (c) 29,8 Banja Koviljača Loznica municipality, Western Serbia ... Springs (#) Temperature (c) 21 - 38 Output (l/sec) Banja Vrujci Mionica municipality, Western Serbia ...