Baltic Ice Lake

The Baltic ice lake is a name given by geologists to a freshwater lake that gradually formed in the Baltic Sea basin as glaciation retreated from that region at the end of the Pleistocene. The lake, dated to 12,600-10,300 BP, is roughly contemporaneous with the three Pleistocene Blytt-Sernander periods. The lake followed a period of massive glaciation in the region, which followed the end of the Eemian Sea. The post-glacial Yoldia Sea was immediately subsequent to the Baltic ice lake.

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... The Baltic Ice Lake, the Yoldia Sea, the Ancylus Lake and the Littorina Sea are four recognized stages in the postglacial progression of the Baltic basin ... From earliest to most recent they run The Baltic Ice Lake – fresh water proglacial lake with level greater than sea level – dammed by glacial ice until the ice dam broke free at the ... Transition period - Between the Baltic Ice Lake and the Yoldia Sea there was a transient lake stage before the ingression of salt water ...
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Baltic Ice Lake - Summary
... At about 16,000 BP the retreating ice had reached the southern shores of the present Baltic ... By 14,600 BP the Baltic ice lake had come into existence ... in Estonia indicate that human habitation of the shores of the Baltic ice lake began in the Boreal period, in the time window 11,200-10,200 BP ...

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