A ballot is a device used to cast votes in an election, and may be a piece of paper or a small ball used in secret voting. It was originally a small ball—see blackball) used to record decisions made by voters.

Each voter uses one ballot, and ballots are not shared. In the simplest elections, a ballot may be a simple scrap of paper on which each voter writes in the name of a candidate, but governmental elections use pre-printed to protect the secrecy of the votes. The voter casts his/her ballot in a box at a polling station.

In British English, this is usually called a "ballot paper". The word "ballot" is used for an election process within an organisation (such as a trade union "holding a ballot" of its members).

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Conservative Party (UK) Leadership Election, 1995 - The First and Only Ballot
... The first ballot was as follows First Ballot 4 July 1995 Candidate Votes % John Major 218 66.3 John Redwood 89 27.1 Abstentions 8 2.4 Spoilt 4 1.2 Did not vote 2 1.2 ...
Electoral Reform In Illinois - Ballot Access
... for the Seventh Circuit struck down Illinois' ballot access laws, opining, "In combination, the ballot access requirements for independent legislative candidates in Illinois--the ... Ballot access barriers this high--they are the most restrictive in the nation and have effectively eliminated independent legislative candidacies from the Illinois political scene for a quarter ...
Electoral Reform In Alabama - Ballot Access
... Independent candidates are granted ballot access through a petition process and minor political party candidates are nominated by convention along with a petition process one must ... The figure for 2006 state wide ballot access was 41,012 good signatures ... To retain ballot access a third party has to poll 20% in a state wide race and it will retain statewide ballot access through to the next election ...
Oregon Ballot Measure 31 (2004)
... Ballot Measure 31 of 2004 was an amendment to the Oregon Constitution, referred to a popular vote by the Oregon Legislative Assembly, that permitted the Legislative ... The measure was on the November 2 general election ballot, and passed with 66% of the vote ... The measure was placed on the ballot by Senate Joint Resolution 19 during the 2003 legislative session ...
Ballot - Methods
... a paper system, voters choose by marking a ballot ... In most jurisdictions the ballots are pre-printed with names of candidates and the text of the referenda ... voters must write the names of their candidates on the ballot ...

Famous quotes containing the word ballot:

    Perhaps the fact that I am not a Radical or a believer in the all powerful ballot for women to right her wrongs and that I do not scorn womanly duties, but claim it as a privilege to clean up and sort of supervise the room and sew things, etc., is winning me stronger allies than anything else.
    Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)

    The ballot is stronger than the bullet.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    We are told it will be of no use for us to ask this measure of justice—that the ballot be given to the women of our new possessions upon the same terms as to the men—because we shall not get it. It is not our business whether we are going to get it; our business is to make the demand.... Ask for the whole loaf and take what you can get.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)