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The Drakh are a secretive race and were dedicated servants of the Shadows until they left the galaxy in 2261. After this time, they took it upon themselves to continue the Shadows' work and to take revenge upon those whom they saw as responsible for forcing the Shadows away. Their plans were on two main levels, one an underground campaign of infiltration on Centauri Prime and the other, a more open war on the Earth Alliance and the Interstellar Alliance. They attempted to unleash a Shadow Planet Killer on Earth itself but were foiled at the last moment (see Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (movie) and instead unleashed a deadly Shadow tech plague. Their legacy continues and their secretive nature makes them a very difficult opponent to defeat.

Drakh ships are based upon Shadow technology and are highly advanced. Their hulls may not be as tough physically as those of other races' ships but this is more than compensated for by a combination of high-powered gravitic energy grids and nimble Raiders. Their ships carry deadly beam weaponry that causes great damage but generally lack the range of other fleets. However, their strength lies in numbers and it is a common sight to see Drakh carriers unloading hordes of Raiders to swarm and overwhelm their enemy. Individually these ships may be weak, but in packs a wise enemy must scatter the Drakh forces before they can form up and present an impenetrable wedge of ships.

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... The current status of the Drakh has not been revealed ... The Drakh appear to be more interested in interfering in the affairs of other civilizations covertly rather than overtly Drakh warships were seen ... The only widely known time when the Drakh used brute force was when they launched their attack on Earth with the last Shadow Planet Killer and much of the Drakh Fleet ...
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