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Fuel Efficiency of Vehicles
... See also Fuel economy in automobiles The fuel efficiency of vehicles can be expressed in more ways Fuel consumption is the amount of fuel used per unit distance ... In this case, the lower the value, the more economic a vehicle is (the less fuel it needs to travel a certain distance) this is the measure generally used across Europe (except ... Fuel economy is the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel used for example, kilometres per litre (km/L) or miles per gallon (MPG), where 1 MPG (imp ...
Miles Per Gallon Gasoline Equivalent - Background - 1988: Alternative Motor Fuels Act
... The Alternative Motor Fuels Act (AMFA) enacted in 1988 provides Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) incentives for the manufacture of vehicles that use ethanol, methanol, or natural gas ... In order to provide incentives for the widespread use of these fuels and to promote the production of alternative fuel vehicles, AMFA allows ... Beginning in 1993, manufacturers of qualified alternative fuel vehicles can benefit for their CAFE estimation, by computing the weighted average of the fuel economy of the produced ...
Passenger Vehicles In The United States - Statistics - Fuel Economy
... of gas guzzlers during the 1960s and 1970s when fuel prices and consumer awareness concerning fuel economy were at an all-time low ... magazine, auto motor und sport and still holds the record for the worst fuel economy of any vehicle ever tested by the magazine with an average of 7 MPG ... more and more popular with the American public as these vehicles featured better fuel economy ratings ...
Corporate Average Fuel Economy
... The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) are regulations in the United States, first enacted by the U.S ... Congress in 1975, and intended to improve the average fuel economy of cars and light trucks (trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles) sold in the US in the wake of the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo ... it is the sales-weighted harmonic mean fuel economy, expressed in miles per US gallon (mpg), of a manufacturer's fleet of current model year passenger cars or light ...

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