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Currently, there are several series of High speed trains that run the AVE service:

  • S/100, manufactured by Alstom
  • S/102, manufactured by Talgo and Bombardier
  • S/103, manufactured by Siemens, marketed globally under the brand Siemens Velaro
  • S/112, manufactured by Talgo and Bombardier

There are also other series of trains that are considered high-speed, but do not run under the AVE name. They run under the brand Alvia and Avant, and are variable gauge trains. They can run on high-speed lines at a maximum of 250 km/h (155 mph), and can also change between standard- and Iberian-gauge lines without stopping. The trains that are operated under the Alvia brand are:

  • Alvia S-120, manufactured by CAF and Alstom
  • Alvia S-130, manufactured by Talgo and Bombardier
  • Avant S-121, manufactured by CAF and Alstom
  • Avant S-104, manufactured by Alstom and CAF
  • Avant S-114, manufactured by Alstom and CAF
  • A Talgo 350 train at Madrid Atocha station.

  • AVE train Talgo 350

  • Talgo 350 train at Lleida Pirineus station

  • AVE "Alstom" trainset at Córdoba.

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