An auxiliary force is a group affiliated with, but not part of, a military or police organization. In some cases, auxiliaries are armed forces operating in the same manner as regular soldiers. Most often, auxiliaries are civilian volunteer components supporting the main police or military force.

Historically the designation "auxiliary" has also been given to foreign or allied troops in the service of a nation at war.

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Clonfin Ambush - The Ambush
... One of the Auxiliaries got away and managed to summon reinforcements ... four members of the IRA party worked their way around the flank of the Auxiliaries, killing their commander, Lt ... A total of four Auxiliaries had been killed and eight wounded ...
Chiral Auxiliary - Chiral Auxiliaries in Industry
... Chiral auxiliaries are generally reliable and versatile, enabling the synthesis of a large number of enantiomerically pure compounds in a time-efficient manner ... Consequently, chiral auxiliaries are often the method of choice in the early phases of drug development ...

Famous quotes containing the word auxiliaries:

    ‘Tis very certain that each man carries in his eye the exact indication of his rank in the immense scale of men, and we are always learning to read it. A complete man should need no auxiliaries to his personal presence.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)