• (adv): In a mechanical manner; by a mechanism.
    Synonyms: mechanically
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Some articles on automatically:

... Also Top/bottom, one-to-many screens are automatically produced ... Query screens are automatically produced ... Buttons to compute statistics on numeric fields are automatically created ...
Liang Lingzan
... Water, flowing into scoops, turned a wheel automatically, rotating it one complete revolution in one day and night ... bell and the other a drum in front of it, the bell being struck automatically to indicate the hours, and the drum being beaten automatically to indicate the quarters ...
Sputter Gun - Reclassification
... That 'shoots automatically' definition covers weapons that will function automatically ... restorable' definition defines weapons which previously could shoot automatically but will not in their present condition ...
Stock Control
... Automatically signalling when more products need to be put on the shelf from the stockroom ... Automatically reordering stock at the appropriate time from the main warehouse ... Automatically producing management information reports that could be used both by local managers and at Head office ...
Scots Family Law - Children - Who Has Parental Responsibilities and Rights
... The birth mother of the child, even in cases of surrogacy, automatically acquires parental responsibilities and rights for her child ... time of conception or subsequently before the birth, automatically acquires parental responsibilities and rights ... A non-marital father will not automatically acquire the responsibilities and rights even if he is the child's biological father ...

More definitions of "automatically":

  • (adv): In a reflex manner.
    Example: "He answered automatically"