Austrian Cuisine

Austrian cuisine is a style of cuisine native to Austria and composed of influences from throughout the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Regional influences from Italy, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany and the Balkans have had an effect on Austrian cooking, and in turn this fusion of styles was influential throughout the Empire.

Austrian cuisine is most often associated with Viennese cuisine, but there are significant regional variations.

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... Austrian cuisine was formed and influenced by the cuisines of many different peoples (Turkish, Bosnian, Swiss, Alsatian, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Bohemian-Morav ... came to Austria via Turkish to Hungarian and then Hungarian to Austrian cuisine ... Strudel is most often associated with the Austrian cuisine, but is also a traditional pastry in the whole area formerly belonging to the Austro-Hungarian empire ...
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... Austrian consumers are typically suspicious of meat of foreign origin in particular, following the scare over BSE ... Organically produced goods are also in high demand, and the Austrian government has introduced additional quality standards with stricter rules, such as BIO or AMA-Gütesiegel ... Following a 1985 scandal in which it was revealed that some Austrian wine had been adulterated (sweetened) with diethylene glycol (a type of antifreeze), the government introduced ...
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... Main article Austrian cuisine Austria's cuisine is derived from that of the Austro-Hungarian Empire ... Austrian cuisine is mainly the tradition of Royal-Cuisine ("Hofküche") delivered over centuries ... In addition to native regional traditions, the cuisine has been influenced by Hungarian, Bohemia Czech, Jewish, Italian, Balkan and French cuisine, from which both dishes and methods ...

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