Austrian may refer to:

  • Austrians, someone from Austria or of Austrian descent
    • Someone who is considered an Austrian citizen, see Austrian nationality law
  • Something associated with the country Austria, for example:
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Austrian Airlines (AUA)
    • Austrian cuisine
    • Austrian Empire
    • Austrian monarchy
    • Austrian German (language/dialects)
    • Austrian literature
    • Austrian School of economics
    • Austrian Service Abroad
    • Music of Austria

Other articles related to "austrian":

Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky - After The War
... she refused to be honoured in 1988 by then Austrian Federal President Kurt Waldheim on grounds of the latter's dubious wartime past ... In 1995 she was one of a group of Austrian Holocaust survivors who sued Jörg Haider after, in a debate in the Austrian parliament on bomb attacks on Romanies, Haider had referred to Nazi concentration camps as "prison ...
... of Oeversee (or to be more precise, Sankelmark) wittnessed, for example, a battle between Austrian and Danish forces in the Second Schleswig War on February 6, 1864 ... The Austrian city of Graz named an alley and a school after Oeversee in recognition of this event, as the Austrian troops had been based in Graz ...
Peter Pilz
... Peter Pilz (born January 22, 1954) is an Austrian politician and a leading member of the Austrian Green Party ... Born in Kapfenberg, Styria, Pilz has been a member of the Austrian Parliament (Nationalrat) between 1986 and 1991 and since 1999 ... a black jacket and a red, grey or green t-shirt, he was the first Austrian politician to keep a blog on the Internet ...
Battle Of Mollwitz - Battle
... The Prussian forces advanced on the Austrian line in two sections, but 6 regiments of Austrian cavalry numbering 4,500 to 5,000 men and horses ... This left the Prussian flank open to attack and the Austrian cavalry then turned on the unprotected infantry ... the two Prussian lines were fleeing or firing on other Prussian troops as the Austrian cavalry drove into their flank, but at some point the Prussian infantry, drilled and ...
Steyr AUG
... The AUG is an Austrian bullpup 5.56mm assault rifle, designed in the early 1970s by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH Co KG (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch) ... The AUG (Armee-Universal-Gewehr—"universal army rifle") was adopted by the Austrian Army as the StG 77 (Sturmgewehr 77) in 1977, where it replaced the 7.62mm StG 58 automatic rifle (a license. 1978, it is the standard small arm of the Austrian Bundesheer and various national police units ...

Famous quotes containing the word austrian:

    The war shook down the Tsardom, an unspeakable abomination, and made an end of the new German Empire and the old Apostolic Austrian one. It ... gave votes and seats in Parliament to women.... But if society can be reformed only by the accidental results of horrible catastrophes ... what hope is there for mankind in them? The war was a horror and everybody is the worse for it.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    An Austrian army, awfully array’d,
    Boldly by battery besiege Belgrade;
    Cossack commanders cannonading come,
    Deal devastation’s dire destructive doom;
    Alaric Alexander Watts (1797–1864)