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History Of Australia (1788-1850) - Growth of Free Settlement
... and run by appointed governors - although English law was transplanted into the Australian colonies by virtue of the doctrine of reception, thus ... government began soon after the settlement of the colonies ... officer (and distant relative of General Douglas MacArthur) and one of the founders of the Australian wool industry, which laid the foundations of ...
History Of South Australia - Expansion of The Colony
... Most other colonies had been founded by Governors with near total authority, but in South Australia, power was initially divided between the Governor and the Resident Commissioner, so that government ... However, this also created high demand for South Australian wheat ... South Australians were keen to establish trade links with Victoria and New South Wales, but overland transport was too slow ...
Military History Of Australia During The Second Boer War - The Arrival of The Australians
... The involvement of men from the Australian colonies in the Second Boer War was complex ... by each of the six colonial governments, Australians who were already in southern Africa working as gold-miners enlisting in British or Cape Colony regiments such as the ... Although in a minority, some Australians were anti-imperialists, and supported the Boer cause ...
Colonial Forces Of Australia
... In all, 24 British infantry regiments served in the Australian colonies ... Each of the Australian colonies gained responsible government between 1855 and 1890, and while the Colonial Office in London retained control of some affairs, and the colonies were still firmly ... militias in support of British regulars, but British military support for the colonies ended in 1870, and the colonies assumed their own defence ...
Historical Development - Responsible Government: The Precursor To Dominion Status
... status followed the achievement of internal self-rule in British Colonies, in the specific form of full responsible government (as distinct from "representative government") ... The legislatures of Colonies with responsible government were able to make laws in all matters other than foreign affairs, defence and international trade, these being powers ... All of these self-governing Colonies of British North America – except for Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island – agreed to combine in a new federation, named ...

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