• (adj): Added to or made greater in amount or number or strength.
    Example: "His augmented renown"; "a greatly augmented collection of books"

Some articles on augmented:

Augmented Tuning
... An augmented tuning is a tuning system for musical instruments that is associated with augmented triads, that is a root note, a major third, and an augmented fifth ... The augmented fifth is constructed by stacking the major third with another major third ... Augmented tunings are used for stringed instruments, especially guitars, and for wind instruments ...
Augmented Tuning - Instruments - Guitar
... open tunings, in which the open strings form an augmented triad in M3 tunings, the augmented fifth replaces the perfect fifth of the major triad of conventional open ... Consequently M3 tunings are also called (open) augmented-fifth tunings (in French "La guitare #5, majeure quinte augmentée") ... Unfortunately, the open augmented-chord sounds dissonant to audiences who are accustomed to standard tuning ...
Wikitude - Awards
2012 Best Augmented Reality Browser, Augmented Planet Best Augmented Reality Developer Tool, Augmented Planet Android Apps Magazine – Best Augmented Reality app 2011 ... Best ...
Augmented Tree-based Routing
... Augmented tree-based routing (ATR) protocol, first proposed in Augmented Tree-based Routing Protocol for Scalable Ad Hoc Networks, Proc ... ATR resorts to an augmented tree-based address space structure and a hierarchical multi-path routing protocol in order to gain scalability and good resilience against node failure/mobility and link congestion/instabili ...
Augmented Learning
... Augmented learning is an on-demand learning technique where the environment adapts to the learner ... The augmented content can be dynamically tailored to the learner's natural environment by displaying text, images, video or even playing audio (music or speech) ... Most implementations of augmented learning are forms of e-learning ...

Famous quotes containing the word augmented:

    Another success is the post-office, with its educating energy augmented by cheapness and guarded by a certain religious sentiment in mankind; so that the power of a wafer or a drop of wax or gluten to guard a letter, as it flies over sea over land and comes to its address as if a battalion of artillery brought it, I look upon as a fine meter of civilization.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)