Aubrey De Vere

Aubrey De Vere may refer to:

  • Aubrey de Vere I (d. circa 1112)
  • Aubrey de Vere II (d. May 1141), master chamberlain of England
  • Aubrey de Vere III (d. Dec. 1194), first earl of Oxford
  • Aubrey de Vere IV (d. Oct. 1214), second earl of Oxford
  • Aubrey de Vere, 10th Earl of Oxford (c. 1338-1400)
  • Aubrey de Vere VI
  • Aubrey de Vere (poet) (1788-1846)
  • Aubrey Thomas de Vere (1814-1902) Irish Poet

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Francesco Algarotti
... a friend of most of the leading authors of his times Voltaire, Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d'Argens, Pierre-Louis de Maupertuis and the atheïst Julien Offray de La Mettrie ...
Aubrey De Vere, 1st Earl Of Oxford
... Aubrey de Vere III (c. 1110 – 26 December 1194) was the eldest son of Aubrey de Vere and Alice, the daughter of Gilbert de Clare ... Aubrey de Vere was born about 1110, the son of Aubrey de Vere, royal chamberlain, and Alice (died c ...
Aubrey De Vere I - Biography
... The Veres were (erroneously) said to descend from Charlemagne through the Counts of Flanders or Guînes by later antiquarians ... Guînes, in Flanders, was late and short-lived the only connection of the Veres to Guînes is the brief marriage of his grandson Aubrey de Vere III to Beatrice, heiress to Guînes, in the 12th century ... Aubrey I first appears holding estates in Domesday Book, where he and his unnamed wife also stand accused of some unauthorized land seizures ...
Aubrey De Vere I
... Aubrey (Albericus) de Vere (died circa 1112) was a tenant-in-chief of William the Conqueror in 1086 and also vassal to Geoffrey de Montbray, bishop of Coutances and to Count Alan, lord of Richmond ... common use of the name Albericus by the Veres in medieval England makes it impossible to say for certain if the Aubrey de Vere named in Domesday Book in 1086 holding estates in six counties is the same ...
Aubrey - People - Given Name - Eleventh Through Thirteen Centuries
... Aubrey de Coucy, Earl of Northumbria from 1080 to about 1086 Aubrey de Troisfontaines (died c. 1250), French chronicler of the 13th century Aubrey de Vere I (died c. 1110), 11th-century Anglo-Norman knight Aubrey de Vere II (c ...

Famous quotes containing the words vere and/or aubrey:

    You haf slafed your life away in de bosses’ mills and your fadhers before you and your kids after you yet. Vat is a man to do with seventeen-fifty a week? His wife must work nights to make another ten, must vork nights and cook and wash in day an’ vatfor? So that the bosses can get rich an’ the stockholders and bondholders. It is too much... ve stood it before because ve vere not organized. Now we have union... We must all stand together for union.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    In ancient times—’twas no great loss—
    They hung the thief upon the cross:
    But now, alas!—I say’t with grief—
    They hang the cross upon the thief.
    —Anonymous. “On a Nomination to the Legion of Honour,” from Aubrey Stewart’s English Epigrams and Epitaphs (1897)