Attack Pearl Harbor

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Events Leading To The Attack On Pearl Harbor - Lack of Preparation
... Japanese aggression throughout the summer and fall before the attack ... At the time, no reports specifically indicated an attack against Pearl Harbor ... It was felt that war would most probably start with attacks in the Far East the Philippines, Indochina, Thailand, or the Russian Far East ...
Attack On Pearl Harbor - Background To Conflict - Anticipating War
... The attack on Pearl Harbor was intended to neutralize the U.S ... From December 1937, events such as the Japanese attack on the USS Panay and the Nanking Massacre (more than 200,000 killed in indiscriminate massacres ... high command was (mistakenly) certain any attack on the British Southeast Asian colonies would bring the U.S ...
Events Leading To The Attack On Pearl Harbor - Prelude To The Attack - Planning
... Fleet at Hawaii, the Japanese began planning in early 1941 for an attack on Pearl Harbor ... For the next several months, planning, and organizing a simultaneous attack on Pearl Harbor and invasion of British and Dutch colonies to the South occupied much of the Japanese Navy's time and attention ... The Pearl Harbor attack planning arose out of the Japanese expectation the U.S ...

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    What do we want with this vast and worthless area, of this region of savages and wild beasts, of deserts, of shifting sands and whirlwinds, of dust, of cactus and prairie dogs; to what use could we ever hope to put these great deserts, or those endless mountain ranges, impenetrable and covered to their very base with eternal snow? What can we ever hope to do with the western coast, a coast of 3,000 miles, rockbound, cheerless, uninviting and not a harbor in it?
    —For the State of Kansas, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    ...I believed passionately that Communists were a race of horned men who divided their time equally between the burning of Nancy Drew books and the devising of a plan of nuclear attack that would land the largest and most lethal bomb squarely upon the third-grade class of Thomas Jefferson School in Morristown, New Jersey.
    Fran Lebowitz (b. 1950)

    We’re in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country.
    Ronald Reagan (b. 1911)