Atiyah is the surname of several notable people including:

  • Sir Michael Atiyah, British mathematician, brother of Patrick
  • Patrick Atiyah, English barrister and legal writer, brother of Michael
  • Edward Atiyah, Lebanese born writer, father of Michael and Patrick

The name Atiyah also occurs as a given name and may refer to

  • Atiyah Abd Al Rahman, a Libyan purported to be a member of al-Qaeda and related militant groups

Other articles related to "atiyah":

Patrick Atiyah - Biography
... Atiyah is a son of the Lebanese writer Edward Atiyah and his Scottish wife Jean ... The well-known mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah is his brother ... Atiyah was professor of law at the Australian National University (1970–1973), at the University of Warwick (1973–1977) and professor of English ...
Atiyah's Accidents, Compensation And The Law
... Atiyah's Accidents, Compensation and the Law (2006) is a legal text, which marked the first of Cambridge University Press's "Law in Context" series ... authored by English legal scholar, Patrick Atiyah in 1970 and has been taken over by Professor Peter Cane since the 4th edition in 1987 ... After handing over the book, Atiyah changed his mind, and wrote The Damages Lottery (1997) where instead of a state run system, he advocated ...
Edward Atiyah
... Edward Selim Atiyah (Arabic إدوار سليم عطية) was a Lebanese author and political activist ... four children, including the renowned mathematician, Sir Michael Atiyah and Patrick Atiyah, an academic and professor of law ...
Kuiper's Theorem - Applications
... coming from Kuiper's theorem is the proof of the Atiyah–Jänich theorem (after Klaus Jänich and Michael Atiyah), stating that the space of Fredholm operators on H, with the norm ... This is given by Atiyah ...