Atari BASIC is a BASIC interpreter for the Atari 8-bit family of 6502-based home computers. The interpreter originally shipped on an 8 KB ROM cartridge; on later XL/XE model computers it was built in, with an option to disable it, and started when the machines were booted with no other cartridges in place. The complete commented source code and design specifications of Atari BASIC were published as a book in 1983.

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Turbo-Basic XL
... Turbo-Basic XL is an advanced version of BASIC for the Atari 8-bit family of home computers ... It is a compatible superset of the more common ATARI BASIC whose most important feature is the vastly improved execution speed (X3 times faster) ... A Turbo-Basic XL compiler was also made available that created binary executables, further speeding up program performance (X10 times faster than Atari Basic) ...
Running Without Atari BASIC
... On the XL/XE models, Atari BASIC could be disabled by holding down the OPTION key while booting the computer ... The XEGS would disable BASIC if powered without the keyboard attached ... If another cartridge were inserted it may also disable Atari BASIC, if they used the same address space ...
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... Aster Computers CT-80 Z80 1980 Monitor floppy disk TRS-80 USA Atari Atari 400, 600, 800, XL, and XE 6502, -- late 400/800s and XL/XEs use a 6502C variant called "Sally ... Z80 1982 TV Cassette, 3rd party diskette custom ASIC FORTH instead of BASIC Sweden Luxor ABC 80 Z80 1978 TV Cassette, 3rd party diskette also made in ...

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