Asama may mean:

  • Asama (train), a train service in Japan
  • Japanese cruiser Asama, a cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • Mount Asama, a volcano in Japan
  • Asama Shrine, a category of Shinto shrine in Japan
  • asama from Sanskrit meaning unequaled, unsurpassed, unparallel, weird/sinner

Other articles related to "asama":

Asama Shrine
... An Asama shrine (浅間神社, Asama jinja, Sengen jinja?) is a type of Shinto Shrine in Japan centered around the worship of the kami of volcanos in general, and ... Per the Jinja Honchō, there are approximately 1300 Asama shrines in the country, centered primarily in Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, and ... Almost all Asama Shrines are within sight of Mount Fuji ...
Asama Maru
... The Asama Maru (浅間丸, Asama maru?) was a Japanese ocean liner owned by Nippon Yusen Kaisha ... The Asama Maru was built for the trans-Pacific Orient-California fortnightly service and she was characterized as "The Queen of the Sea." Principal ports-of ...
Asama Volcano Museum
... The Asama Volcano Museum (浅間火山博物館, Asama-kazan Hakubutsukan?), close to the active complex volcano Mount Asama in Japan, is a museum that ...
Asama Maru - History
... The first passenger liner built by NYK was Asama Maru ... The Asama Maru was launched on October 30, 1927 ... The Asama Maru was the first Japanese passenger liner to be propelled by diesel engines ...